A preliminary physical is required to evaluate the athlete and determine physical ability to complete the session. In addition to the physical, the athlete will undergo an in-depth counseling session to determine any problem areas the athlete wants to focus on, as well as to set goals for the duration of the session.

What To Expect
Each session will last about one hour with sufficient warm-up and stretching periods. This hour is an intense workout in which the athlete will be tested and pushed to his/her limits. In addition, each athlete will be educated in proper stretching techniques and good nutrition habits.

What We Expect
Total commitment to excellence. We want 110% and then some, during each sessions. This is work. We will hold each athlete accountable to attendance, participation, and attitude. We expect each participant to be on time and ready to go. We expect 100% attendance to the program. No exceptions to missed sessions unless other arrangements have been made. Your success is contingent upon how much you are willing to put into each session for the duration of the program.
Basic Training is a generalzied program developed for any athlete who has not undergone any sports enancement training regimen. The focus throughout Basic Training is coordination, footwork , and correct running/sptining form. This is ideal for but not limited to younger athletes at or above six grade.

It is at the descretion of the Sports Enhancement Director to determine if it is necessary for the athelte to undergo this training phase.
This is phase 1 of the MVP training regimen. Throughout the "M" phase, the greatness spoken of in the creed is harnessed and developed laying a foundation to becoming an elite athelte. The focus is to build on Basic Training through speed, agility, acceleration, and plometric drills. This is ideal for athletes who have completed Basic Training and/or are at least competing at the highschool level.
This is phase 2 of the MVP training regimen. The "V" phase focuses on developing the power spoken of in the creed. This is a high intensity training program focused on the deveolpment of sport specific power and abilities building on the "M" phase utilizing weight, resistence, and medicine ball training. This is ideal for athletes who have completed the "M" phase, at least juniors in highshool competeing for collegiate scholarships, and/or are collgiate level athletes.
This phase 3 of the MVP training regimen. It is training of the highest level of intense sport specific training. This is isolated soley for collegiate and professional level athletes and restricted to no more than 2 athletes per group.
This is a prolonged training regimen for the athlete dedicated to training throughout his/her off season. Ideal for highschool athletes and above.
This training is speparate from the MVP training regimen with specific fous on training for and excelling at the NFL combine.